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At NO.1 ESCAPES, we’re proud to showcase our selection of creative, mind-blowing escape games. Our games and themes cater to groups of all ages. No matter what you are into, we’ve got a room for you. Browse through our rooms below to learn more, and book with us today!


Jester's Revenge

Can you set yourself free from the hands of the Jester? The King's most lauded entertainer has gone insane and locked all the King's nobleman in his chamber. Together, you must reunite and seek a way out in the hour he is gone or you'll be in his possession forever. Will you see the light of day again or be doomed? (Multi-room experience)

  • Medieval Theme

  • Family-friendly (not scary)

  • Players: 4-8

TREASURE OF THE NATION: a holiday haunting

(Limited Time Only)

Do you have what it takes to steal the National Treasure from the White House? Grab your best treasure hunters and break into the white house to find the treasure before it gets stolen by the other treasure hunters. Be strategic as you have one hour. Are you brave enough to change history?​

  • White House Theme

  • Family-friendly (not scary)

  • Players: 2-12