What is an Escape Room?


Escape rooms are fun & interactive experiences for all ages! Each group will have 60-minutes to reach a goal.


Find clues, solve puzzles, and escape the locked room/solve a challenge. Perfect for birthday parties, celebrations, date-nights, family outings, etc.

What to Expect at No. 1 Escapes

  • PRIVATE only bookings (just your team, no strangers)

  • Surfaces SANITIZED between each group

  • Fun and educational activities for friends and family

  • Each experience is 60 minutes

  • Frequently asked questions can be found HERE.

Can you set yourself free from the hands of the Jester?


 The King's most lauded entertainer has gone insane and locked all the King's nobleman in his chamber.


Together, you must reunite and seek a way out in the hour he is gone or you'll be in his possession forever. Will you see the light of day again or be doomed? 

  • 4-8 people

  • 60-minute duration

  • Always private bookings, no strangers

  • Family Friendly (not-scary)

Price: $30 per player


An American Revolution Adventure

You are a new initiated member of the Sons of Liberty.


You have been assigned to help finalize the sequence of events leading up to the American Revolution.


Will you have the smarts to pull it off or will the British catch on to what you are up to? 

  • 2-12 people

  • 60-minute duration

  • Always private bookings, no strangers

  • Family-friendly

Price: $30 per player

How Can I Book?

  1. Book Here. Choose between one of our two games and your desired time.

  2. Have questions? Contact us HERE.

  3. Once you book, you will receive an email confirmation what the details of your visit.

  4. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled booking for check-in. No need to bring anything with you. We will have an introduction for you and then your experience will begin.


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