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Can you set yourself free from the hands of the Jester?


The King's most lauded entertainer has gone insane and locked all the King's noblemen in his chamber.


Together, you must reunite and seek a way out in the hour he is gone. Will you see the light of day again or be doomed?


  • Always private bookings, no strangers

  • Family friendly (not-scary)


*Group will be divided into two rooms at the start of game


Price: $30 per player

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You are a group of time travelers and have gone back in time to join the Sons of Liberty.


You have been assigned to help the Sons of Liberty start the American Revolution.

Will you have the smarts to pull it off or will the British catch on to what you are up to?

  • Always private bookings, no strangers

  • Family-friendly


Price: $30 per player

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